Central Lake Area Services

The Antrim Review

Jackie Tarrant

4077 S. M-88 Hwy.

Bellaire, MI 49615

Phone: 231-533-5651

Fax: 231-533-4662

Email: manager@antrimreview.net

Website: antrimreview.net


Cottage Gardens Outdoor Services & Tree Removal Service

Kipp and Amy Drake

2564 Cherry Street

Central Lake, Mi. 49622

Ph: 231-544-1162

Ph: 231-350-8321

Email: drake.amy1@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutDoorService

Website: Cottage Gardens-Out Door Services


Creative Characters Printing

Jack Bodis

7924 Cameron Street

Central Lake, MI 49622

Phone: 231-544-6084

Fax: 231-544-8077

Email: jack@cciprinting.biz

Website: cciprinting.biz

Facebook: Creative-Characters


Central Lake District Library

7900 Maple Street

Central Lake, MI 49622

Ph: 231-544-2517

Fax: 231-544-5016

Website: centrallakelibrary.com

Facebook: Central Lake District Library


Preferred Waste 2

Kevin Russell

9516 Main Street

Ellsworth, MI 49729

Ph: 231-437-0896

Ph: 231-588-2210

Website: preferredwaste2.com

Email: pw2@ellsnet.com


US Postal Service

Cherie Fuss

7956 E. State St.

Central Lake, MI. 49622

Ph: 231-544-5100

Email: cherie.l.fuss@usps.gov

Website: usps.com


YMCA Camp Hayo Went Ha

David Martin

Central Lake, MI 49622

Ph: 231-544-5915

Fax: 231-544-2916

Website: hayowentha.org

Email: hwh@hayowentha.org

Facebook: YMCAHayo-Went-Ha-Camps